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November 02, 2010

Oh Whatever...

Last week, I guess, I challenged myself to be 202lbs or less by yesterday. OK I'm not there yet. But I've lost 1.5 lbs anyhow! I'm liking this minuses how much ever they are. That doesn't mean I'm gonna chicken out to challenge myself again. By next monday I'm gonna lose 2 lbs or more! I dare you to lose more! (CBS cares)

I'm dead broke. Yet I keep seeing this cute blond who happens to be John McCains daughter for some mystical reason, and I don't want Meghan to be my role model as I'm not a young republican (duh!) still I wanna read her book. That story of her being asked to hire a image consultant, well forced to more like, when a pregnant teenager was around is selling me the book big time. And she had to pay for that consultant! Hellooo!! She was the better daughter for the campaign. Apparently though she "looked like a stripper, talked like a valley girl" (her words) geezzz! I think she is adorable. At least from this distance. And I would like to support her if only for her still being a blond! You go girl!

The weekend was nice but didn't make it to the islands. We were too much in need of some serious catching up with sleep we wouldn't be able to get up at a reasonable hour so we postponed obviously. We had a surprise on friday! We were coming home around 9pm when my cell rang. It was Ivy. She asked what I was doing and I said I'm just going back home when she screamed "don't". She was in Istanbul, just 10 minutes away from me!! Awww I was ecstatic!! We spent the night together. (don't get any ideas now) I needed that so much! I kept thinking I'm imagining this :D Then I was imagining why does she have to live in Ankara when this is the most beautiful city on earth! I didn't see her again (she left on sunday morning) because she was here with her family to try to sort out what's going on with her sister who may or may not get divorced soon. Very complicated situation they are in. Hope things will turn up for the better.

Ivy promised to come back soon or if I can figure out how I might go visit her, which I might also be preferring, not sure.

Skinny Taste is becoming my favorite website ♥ You can find the perfect recipe for any occasion and any kinda craving! I prepared my first chicken stock yesterday to cook cauliflower soup! Huh! Mum is enjoying me not getting out of the kitchen the most :) I do alter the recipes to our own tastes and habits. Becoming more confident every day. I'm loving this. This past week I cooked half of what we had for the family and I wish I could get paid for this. wink wink. If anyone else is looking for a great Minestrone recipe go here. You'll thank me.