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June 19, 2010

Quick Update and Weigh-in

Hello! Hello! I've got updates for you. Which might not pass for a decent blog post and I realize I've been lazy about the blog (scares me to death) but I promise (especially to myself!) that I'll get my sh*t together.

1 - I lost weight! YAY =) -3lbs this week. Me happy ☺

2 - My treadmill is not working. On wednesday I got ready and stepped on my little stubborn monster wouldn't start. The panic, the annoyance, followed by the fear of the weigh in... The repairman showed up the next day, but it he stopped by on his way to an appointment so he just looked around to see what the problem was and is promised to fix it today. Fingers crossed.

3 - I have gone down to 1200 the first couple of days of the week then went up to 1600s on wednesday and closed the day at 1300 the last two days. These numbers are like miracle to me. Planning ahead worked so far and I don't have to get stressed over eating something then balancing it later in the day. Me happy again.

4 - My little doggy, Snow White, continued her peeing conquest until friday. She even peed in her own bed!!! Not normal at all. We have been to the vet and he is there is nothing wrong with her. She is definitely protesting something. I don't understand why I didn't think about this before but my grandma is visiting my cousins out of town for a couple of weeks. She did leave the fist day doggy pee arrived on my bed. But grandma doesn't really like the dog. If it were up to her Snow White would be back on the streets to be honest. But that doesn't matter to a dog. She just loves people. Can't help it probably. We have been giving "extra love" however we think it's possible since the "enlightenment" and she seems fine for now.


June 15, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

I kinda sorta hate myself (or dislike very much) when I don't post often enough. I've gone lazy. But not only that... After everything going so well all week I weighed in on saturday and my scale informed me that I gained half a pound. Excuse me??? What the hell is that stupid square bastard is trying to tell me? I feel rage!

Still I did not give up. Don't think for a second that I did. No! I had an average day on saturday. Ate whatever I wanted on sunday (I will probably do this till the rest of my life). Just like I planned. When I say I ate whatever I want it's not really what it used to be. I don't wanna jinx it though :)

This week I'm going lower with the calories. I have been thinking about going down to 1200s. But couldn't get myself to even consider it. Last week with planning so much I felt that I was ready to try. It's been two days now. On monday I had 1230 and today 1252 calories. I'm about to go to bed so I'm certain I won't eat anything else. I already planned tomorrow's meals and hoping to end the day with 1227. I'll go higher for the weekend especially considering I'll be out dancing with J on sunday at the music festival I've been waiting for all month. It will be our only day/night our for the rest of the summer as she is leaving for New Jersey just a week from now! Damn... I'll miss that girl.

I burned my belly with boiling milk yesterday. I thought the weather was hot. Who said milk was good for you!! It's total bs. I have burned skin size of a zippo. It turned a deep purple color today with dark pink corners. At least it's not hurting anymore, right! Hold on. I took a second look. It's 3/4s of a zippo.

The bigger problem is my dog actually. On sunday night I was watching tv till my eyes wouldn't stay open. What a shock! I somehow managed to change and get ready to get in the bed. I turn the lights off. I'm in haven with my pillow. I'm a stretcher 24/7. So I stretch my legs and something is wet. I turn the lights back on. Sit up. Yeah the feet of my bed is wet. I'm thinking did I spill something. No. So what the hell is that. I bent down to investigate and yes it smells like pee. Now I'm in hell. I had to get up, change my sheets, open the window... Of course I couldn't sleep half the night. I'm thinking was she mad at me? Or was she unable to control her muscles??

So the next day she pees on my sweatshirt which was on bed again. I'm mad but confused. I don't yell at the dog cos I really need more information about what happened. My dad is already mad at her all the time because my dog does pee on carpets all over the house for different reasons. We have a behavioral problem. Might also be the reason she was kicked out of her previous house, but getting kicked out might also be the reason for peeing whenever she decides she wants more attention. (My cousin rescued her from streets)

You see why I need more info? I don't wanna jump to conclusions especially considering she is about 13 years old (again just the vet's guess because of her heart condition). But today I caught her on action!!! I walked her twice before the afternoon to make sure she won't have to pee all over. But she did. She has a large pillow next to my bed she uses when she doesn't wanna be in her own bed. This time she peed on it. I was mad alright. Very disappointed also. I'm stressed about this business all day and don't know what she'll aim at tomorrow. Gonna take her to vet thursday probably. I need a ride from my dad. He won't be home much tomorrow though. So we'll wait one more day. I don't really know what the vet might say. Will he even have anything to say about it. Because whatever we did we couldn't stop her peeing on the carpets. Now this... Hope she'll give up on her own.

And look at this beauty. Who's think she was such a naughty naughty girl?

June 11, 2010

Challenge is going....

PRETTY GOOD!! I'm as surprised as you are. I have to treat myself like a child and it works so who's gonna complain! Not me. So here is my report for the past 5 days (official report I will need to send to Biz tomorrow!)

- track food every day

I was afraid I would fail miserable at this because it's so boring and annoying and a second time annoying! Hah! I rocked at this. Monday I logged in everything I ate on Spark People. But since tuesday I've been planning all what I should eat the night before. I stuck with all this planning most of the time. The exception being last night. I had some dumb cramps etc so I gave myself some random excuse to eat a cheese sandwich (200calories aprox) which also put me over my calories for the day.

-weekly limit of 11,000 calories

I've given myself 500 extra calories a week to give myself some room not to go panick mode. But I was trying to save it up for weekend. Not happening. Which gives me the impression that at least one day I will not care for the calories. Now here is the important part. May be it is OK not to care for calories for a day (does not mean having high calorie foods all day at all) but I also promised myself 11000 calories a week. But I couldn't save up enough to have a "happy" day. Then again if I don't have my day I might just lose it!!!! Because I've been hungry and unsatisfied almost all week!!!!!!! I'm screaming inside but don't wanna disturb you with all capitals cos if I start now I won't be able to stop.

OK. Deep breaths. Everything is fine. This was a great week. So just calm down. Keep breathing. Fine!

-limit fat and sugar

Only sugar I had all week came from fruit. I didn't think I would survive without ice cream. Turns out I can. And fat was all from olive oil and hazelnut oil on my salads, veggies, etc. Now tell me that doesn't sound good! Hah! Score! on both fat and sugar! =D

-workout 4 times a week

Well I've been doing my "walks" of 1 km, 1.5 km blah blah. I find it a little boring going so slow and don't really have any motivation for it. But in a week the kilometers will get to be more serious and it will all come back to me. Oh and thank you for all who asks me about my knee... it's doing well I guess. Didn't have any pain lately. It's making a lot of noise though! It used to be scary. Now I'm just too used to it so it's just funny! I also have to wear a knee thingy while walking as a workout. I'm not in love with it but it feel like it's doing a lot of the job instead of the knee so can't complain. (I'm still gonna say I didn't like paying about $70 for it)

-keep my living space organized

I'm not done yet but I've gone through some spaces in this room that I haven't seen or cared for a long time. If I end up alone by the time I'm 60 (and I'm being optimistic) I'll be the cat lady who collects all the crap in the world cos she thinks "what if I need this some day". So I'm trying to change that. Thrown away a lot of junk and will keep going through every tiny little corner (I have nothing but time)

I'm not really planning on posting a report like this every week. I just thought this week was a little better than I thought it would be so I had to share :)


I've been having some (a ton) problems with my internet. I don't know what the hell but let me tell you it took me about six hours to write this post because it keeps cutting off. So I might have forgot some (a lot) of the stuff I meant to write and it's been very difficult to read your blogs. Hope it will be fixed soon. It has been driving me crazy all day! So annoying.

Oh one more thing, thank you for the new followers. I have 77 followers now! Lucky number some might say =) When I click on your profiles though it just doesn't show up some of your websites or blogs. And I know some of you do have blogs because the same happens with some my favorite bloggers too. So if you have a blog and you realize I'm not following if you could just let me know your addresses that would be awesome. Thanx

Have a great weekend! ♥

June 07, 2010

A Challenge

Hey! Sorry I have been lazy about posting lately. I didn't wanna keep writing the same song over and over again. And although I was suppose to be back on track I wasn't feeling it. I was looking for extra motivation though and considering giving myself a challenge. I didn't have to. Cos I found out about this awesome blog and the 101 Days Challenge. I joined a little late. So I'm running behind one week. The challenge will end on Labor Day. Each participant comes up with their own goals and every saturday we email Biz to let her know how it's going so she posts everyone's updates on her 101 Update page. I'll be sending my first update next saturday as I joined, I think, on friday. The challenge already have 50 participants!!! Awesome!

So here is my goals for the next 3 months:
  • lose 20 pounds (that would put me at 190lbs) 
  • track food every day (everyday!!! no skipping weekends or giving up on the day if I eat something bad)
  • weekly limit of 11,000 calories (which gives me 1500 calories a day & some change)
  • limit fat and sugar (cos I've been bad!)
  • workout 4 times a week (this one will move slow cos my knees are my masters you know that :)
  • keep my living space organized * this one is important! (I wake up with a better attitude if my room is looking good)
 That also means I should be losing more than half a pound every two weeks!!! I'm gonna have my first "walk" since forever tomorrow. Only 1 km and slow. But it's something. And it means I can walk for 1.5km the next day then 2km the day after...

I also planned everything I'm gonna eat today already. I'm gonna stick to it no matter how much I wanna eat more or different. This week will be hard (cos I failed last week) but next will be easier. I can't wait for next week :)

Happy Monday!

June 02, 2010

Thank God for AC

If you're watching any kind of news you should be aware of a certain attack on a certain ship on certain internation sea and certain deaths... I feel like I should be writing about this and the following events as it's almost the only thing anyone is talking about around me right now. And I would be lying if I told you I'm not affected by what's going on but I decided  I don't want to drown my blog in ugliness.

It's burning hot. Supposed to be cooler today. Haven't felt a difference yet. May be it's because I'm stuck inside the apartment. Well thank God for AC and daddy cos he bought me one last summer. My room is on the south-west corner of the building and it doesn't get worse than that. But now with the help of the ac I'm not leaving the room. My parents visit my room to cool off but stepping out is a little tricky. I don't even know what I'm complaining about right now, I guess I'm bored again. Surprise surprise!!

By the way I wish there was a spell checking tool on blogspot. They have everyhing. Why not spell checking?

Meet dinner from last night. I've been eating a lot of potatoes lately. Started in Ankara. Has no oil in it what so ever. So that's good. But I'm in a potato state of mind I have to say. My tomato salad left me wanting more too. I thought I didn't want much so made just that little. Summer is definitely tomato salad season here. Little olive oil and lemon juice makes it the perfect side dish for almost any food any meal. Look at the chicken though, looks like it's being bullied by the rest of the plate =) But I had a tuna salad for lunch so I decided that chicken was enough.

And this is what I eat almost every breakfast. That's smoked turkey and simit. Simit is a bagel like Turkish habbit. I'm sayin habbit because as a family we go thorugh about a million a week. One whole simit would be equal to 4 normal slices of bread. I eat about half. The egg sometimes becomes two or three egg whites or low-fat cheese. I need lots and lots of protein for breakfast. Otherwise I would be in hunger pains and get light headed in an hour. Well I need lots of protein any meal but breakfast is the most important obviously. I can never  leave the house or function at all without it. That little glass is how we traditionally have our tea here. my glass is actually slightly larger than the "traditional". My father hates it, cos he thinks it's too big :) Well I don't mind it. I still get the same pleasure.

J stopped by yesterday. She is gonna be spending at least 6 weeks in US at her uncle's. If she finds an internship it might be even longer. But before she leaves we are trying to catch some music festivals. There is a dance music festival, I think it could be called "dance music", anywho we love it Efes Pilsen One Love. I thought we could only go the first day not the second cos I thought she was leaving on that second day. Sophie Ellis Bextor and The Ting Tings will be performing on the second day and I wouldn't mind making babies with Sophie or her music. Yeah I love it. Her "catch you" is my pushing-it-to-the-limit during workout song. So I was complaining about it yesterday and J laughed at my face and told me she was leaving 3 days later that =) I totally forgot I was supposed to be resting my knee and started jumping up and down screaming of joy... This is my kinda good news.

And to be honest I don't know what else to tell you. I'm kind of or no straight out regretting not remaining 100% anonymous. I don't mind Ivy reading anything. But I let my boyfriend read it. Hmmm... If I told him not to read yes he wouldn't (I on the otherhand would read it no matter what). But I don't know what I really want to share or not. I guess I'm simply confused about the whole thing.

Have a great wednesday!