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November 03, 2011

I got all the excuses in the world, but hey I'm back!

It's been that long since I've last posted anything here, but I got excuses, which I'll come back later. I hated being away, didn't know how to come back and it's a little sad to me, but I'm here and I've got news if anyone is still listening.

Since my last update;

I got a job.
I got married.
Adopted a kitten.

and here, me and my husband on our honeymoon:

How about that! Yup, that's Trevi Fountain in Rome. We spent 11 days in Italy and what a wonderful time that was. I had my worries about having to be with someone 24/7. But we've been friends for so long, it comes naturally. We're not people who feel they have to do everything together and I guess that helps a lot. It's been seven weeks already!! :)) Thinking we waited over seven years to get married, it was worth the wait. Can you believe I got cold feet after seven whole years? I kept thinking "Are you sure? You can quit anytime" the last two weeks before the wedding, which was on September 18th. I bet he did too :) He just won't admit. So stubborn just like me.

Too soon for a baby lol. So very soon indeed. If anyone can remember, I had a dog. I still do, but she lives with my parents now. Because she needs a home where there are people around her a the time. She is not used to being alone at all. Now that I'm working too, for the last 9 months, it wasn't gonna be fair to leave her in the apartment all day long. I still live on the same street as my parents, so my doggy gets to visit over the weekends. Although we miss her too much, so she can drop in anytime she wishes :)) Like last night. Hubby really wanted to see her, so brought her over for a pj party. But this sunday, we adopted a kitten!! A very very naughty one! I hope she grows out of it, because she is really a piece of work. Still of course we love her and no way would leave her, anyhow I really hope she'll come down sometime. She, just like my doggy, is a rescue and about 10 weeks old. Still haven't named her though. For some reason nothing matched her. But here she is:

How little is that creature??!!! She spends most her time making me crazy, scratching or biting my hands, legs, face or damaging something!! I'm so annoyed and pissed that it was my idea and I basically forced my husband to let her in. I don't regret it. Not just yet. Especially when she gets tired and crawls around my neck, kisses my face and slowly drifts into sleep purring the whole time... It's heaven. And I fall in love with her each time. How can I not! Husband loved her by the way. He spends even less time at home than I do, so get to face most of the painful and annoying stuff. It's been less than a week yet though. And I've been sleep deprived since friday night. So hopefully next week will be better. And it will only get better, right? I know it will.

I have less time for my blog now obviously. I get home at around 7.30 on regular days. But sometimes later... and I'm always so tired. Damn... When will we hit the jackpot, so I can switch to a part-time job or something. I still read your blogs. Well.. I admit not all, but although I don't comment I do read. And I want to post something every other day at the least. I'm actually stealing from work time right now, which I don't mind as long as I'm not caught :))

Gotta make some changes around here as well..

love u