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June 11, 2010

Challenge is going....

PRETTY GOOD!! I'm as surprised as you are. I have to treat myself like a child and it works so who's gonna complain! Not me. So here is my report for the past 5 days (official report I will need to send to Biz tomorrow!)

- track food every day

I was afraid I would fail miserable at this because it's so boring and annoying and a second time annoying! Hah! I rocked at this. Monday I logged in everything I ate on Spark People. But since tuesday I've been planning all what I should eat the night before. I stuck with all this planning most of the time. The exception being last night. I had some dumb cramps etc so I gave myself some random excuse to eat a cheese sandwich (200calories aprox) which also put me over my calories for the day.

-weekly limit of 11,000 calories

I've given myself 500 extra calories a week to give myself some room not to go panick mode. But I was trying to save it up for weekend. Not happening. Which gives me the impression that at least one day I will not care for the calories. Now here is the important part. May be it is OK not to care for calories for a day (does not mean having high calorie foods all day at all) but I also promised myself 11000 calories a week. But I couldn't save up enough to have a "happy" day. Then again if I don't have my day I might just lose it!!!! Because I've been hungry and unsatisfied almost all week!!!!!!! I'm screaming inside but don't wanna disturb you with all capitals cos if I start now I won't be able to stop.

OK. Deep breaths. Everything is fine. This was a great week. So just calm down. Keep breathing. Fine!

-limit fat and sugar

Only sugar I had all week came from fruit. I didn't think I would survive without ice cream. Turns out I can. And fat was all from olive oil and hazelnut oil on my salads, veggies, etc. Now tell me that doesn't sound good! Hah! Score! on both fat and sugar! =D

-workout 4 times a week

Well I've been doing my "walks" of 1 km, 1.5 km blah blah. I find it a little boring going so slow and don't really have any motivation for it. But in a week the kilometers will get to be more serious and it will all come back to me. Oh and thank you for all who asks me about my knee... it's doing well I guess. Didn't have any pain lately. It's making a lot of noise though! It used to be scary. Now I'm just too used to it so it's just funny! I also have to wear a knee thingy while walking as a workout. I'm not in love with it but it feel like it's doing a lot of the job instead of the knee so can't complain. (I'm still gonna say I didn't like paying about $70 for it)

-keep my living space organized

I'm not done yet but I've gone through some spaces in this room that I haven't seen or cared for a long time. If I end up alone by the time I'm 60 (and I'm being optimistic) I'll be the cat lady who collects all the crap in the world cos she thinks "what if I need this some day". So I'm trying to change that. Thrown away a lot of junk and will keep going through every tiny little corner (I have nothing but time)

I'm not really planning on posting a report like this every week. I just thought this week was a little better than I thought it would be so I had to share :)


I've been having some (a ton) problems with my internet. I don't know what the hell but let me tell you it took me about six hours to write this post because it keeps cutting off. So I might have forgot some (a lot) of the stuff I meant to write and it's been very difficult to read your blogs. Hope it will be fixed soon. It has been driving me crazy all day! So annoying.

Oh one more thing, thank you for the new followers. I have 77 followers now! Lucky number some might say =) When I click on your profiles though it just doesn't show up some of your websites or blogs. And I know some of you do have blogs because the same happens with some my favorite bloggers too. So if you have a blog and you realize I'm not following if you could just let me know your addresses that would be awesome. Thanx

Have a great weekend! ♥


~Jessica said...

This/You are insanely amazing! Edit that first sentence from "Pretty good!" to "Pretty Effing Great!"!!!!

Way to go! Have a great weekend :)

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Hey! I stumbled across your blog a few days ago! Love it!

Sounds like you're doing really great!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

It sounds like you are doing good. Keep tracking those calories, even though it gets monotonous. I feel bad that you are doing all this and are still hungry throughout the day. I shoot for between 1300 and 1500 calories a day and somedays I am HUNGRY but some are okay. Keep getting the protein and stay away from white sugars. I'm sure you know this but this is something that I need to remind myself when I want to stick my hand in the pretzels for a snack. I KNOW it won't keep me full for long! Keep it up!

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I need to organize my whole house.

Great job on your eating, and holy crap EVERYTHING. Awesome my friend. :)

Patrick said...

River it sure sounds like you are having a great week. Can hear the pride in your post. Very happy for you and so look forward to hearing of your suceess week after week. Go gett'em.

I'm just guessing that it is a renewed commitment and a fresh attitude that has you rocking & rolling here. Agree?

Tammy said...

Go River, get your groove on. Congrats on 77 followers! Much deserved. It's fracking annoying not being able to see people's blogs, I agree. I feel bad if people follow me and I don't reciprocate.

Nice job with the fat and sugar and all that...just really impressive!

Keep on keepin' on I wanna see you buy that necklace!


Putz said...

river, you are so popular now, when i first commented and you sent me birthday greetings at only two comments from me i knew you would have alll kinds of attention>>>love you the putz

CJ said...

Congrats for sticking to the plan!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You are doing awesome!!! Great post! So motivating to me! Thank you!!!