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June 15, 2010

Burn Baby Burn

I kinda sorta hate myself (or dislike very much) when I don't post often enough. I've gone lazy. But not only that... After everything going so well all week I weighed in on saturday and my scale informed me that I gained half a pound. Excuse me??? What the hell is that stupid square bastard is trying to tell me? I feel rage!

Still I did not give up. Don't think for a second that I did. No! I had an average day on saturday. Ate whatever I wanted on sunday (I will probably do this till the rest of my life). Just like I planned. When I say I ate whatever I want it's not really what it used to be. I don't wanna jinx it though :)

This week I'm going lower with the calories. I have been thinking about going down to 1200s. But couldn't get myself to even consider it. Last week with planning so much I felt that I was ready to try. It's been two days now. On monday I had 1230 and today 1252 calories. I'm about to go to bed so I'm certain I won't eat anything else. I already planned tomorrow's meals and hoping to end the day with 1227. I'll go higher for the weekend especially considering I'll be out dancing with J on sunday at the music festival I've been waiting for all month. It will be our only day/night our for the rest of the summer as she is leaving for New Jersey just a week from now! Damn... I'll miss that girl.

I burned my belly with boiling milk yesterday. I thought the weather was hot. Who said milk was good for you!! It's total bs. I have burned skin size of a zippo. It turned a deep purple color today with dark pink corners. At least it's not hurting anymore, right! Hold on. I took a second look. It's 3/4s of a zippo.

The bigger problem is my dog actually. On sunday night I was watching tv till my eyes wouldn't stay open. What a shock! I somehow managed to change and get ready to get in the bed. I turn the lights off. I'm in haven with my pillow. I'm a stretcher 24/7. So I stretch my legs and something is wet. I turn the lights back on. Sit up. Yeah the feet of my bed is wet. I'm thinking did I spill something. No. So what the hell is that. I bent down to investigate and yes it smells like pee. Now I'm in hell. I had to get up, change my sheets, open the window... Of course I couldn't sleep half the night. I'm thinking was she mad at me? Or was she unable to control her muscles??

So the next day she pees on my sweatshirt which was on bed again. I'm mad but confused. I don't yell at the dog cos I really need more information about what happened. My dad is already mad at her all the time because my dog does pee on carpets all over the house for different reasons. We have a behavioral problem. Might also be the reason she was kicked out of her previous house, but getting kicked out might also be the reason for peeing whenever she decides she wants more attention. (My cousin rescued her from streets)

You see why I need more info? I don't wanna jump to conclusions especially considering she is about 13 years old (again just the vet's guess because of her heart condition). But today I caught her on action!!! I walked her twice before the afternoon to make sure she won't have to pee all over. But she did. She has a large pillow next to my bed she uses when she doesn't wanna be in her own bed. This time she peed on it. I was mad alright. Very disappointed also. I'm stressed about this business all day and don't know what she'll aim at tomorrow. Gonna take her to vet thursday probably. I need a ride from my dad. He won't be home much tomorrow though. So we'll wait one more day. I don't really know what the vet might say. Will he even have anything to say about it. Because whatever we did we couldn't stop her peeing on the carpets. Now this... Hope she'll give up on her own.

And look at this beauty. Who's think she was such a naughty naughty girl?


Anonymous said...

How frustrating!! She's so cute!!

Tammy said...

Oh pee! I have a cat that expresses her displeasure by peeing on any clothing we are careless to leave around. She's also peed on my $200 boots and a $300 coat.

Hope you guys can figure out what her deal is...cute little pisspot that she is!

And OUCH with the

Putz said...

i can really emphasize>>.we had a dog sandy who was twelve years old and never NEVER housebroken>>>my wide would go out with it and say be quick , be quick, she would stay by the door and come in and pee on the floor{not my wife, but the dog} my wif was pretty good at being housebroken>>>but that dog was afraid of the outdoors>>.so be patient with your dog, and work with the problems, and never never get rid of it, cause that is just not cool>>>love you the putz

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You should put one of those doggie diapers on her. You know when the poor doggie is in heat? Then she could get a taste of her own medicine and not make a mess. Just a thought.

Diz said...

Yeah, she is a cute girl. But I had a dog like this, and I finally got to the point where I couldn't handle it anymore. I understand that he was angry with me, but I had to go to work! What was I supposed to do? So I let him go live with one of my dad's employees on a farm in the middle of Oklahoma. I couldn't send him out there- my sister had to do it, I loved him too much. But couldn't handle the pee anymore.

Anyway, long tangent, sorry. Good luck with weigh in next week! I'm sure you'll do great!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

I feel ya about the scale! That's great that you're not letting it get you down!

Your dog is so adorable! She might have a bladder infection, or maybe it's just because she's getting older? When my husbands dog started getting older, he would pee ALL the time! We joked that we needed to get him some depends (the diapers old people wear)!

Patrick said...

Ouch, burning your belly with boiling milk, that's a new one. Hope that heals fast for you. Also hope the vet can help with your dog and the going everywhere. Does she always do this? Could it be seasonal? I ask because you mentioned on my blog how hot it is there, and I recall a pet I had as a youngster had no interest in leaving the house in extreme cold & heat and thus had a few accidents during those days.

~Jessica said...

This just sounds like a bad day all together :(

I hope you get to the bottom of the doggy-pee issue!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

That photo on top is AWESOME on top! Why is it that rolls are adorable on babies but as adults any roll is totally offensive? Great job on staying in the 1200's. That's hard. I'm hungry if I stay in the 1200's for too many days.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure if dog pee is worse than cockatoo poo... hmm, not sure I want to find out either!!