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October 19, 2010

How Dare You :)

Awww Stewie I feel your pain sweetheart! Only I don't have any ice cream in the house at the moment which is good news. For the ice cream. Me too. I am very into comfort eating today. Although it's like a hobby I haven't started yet. I'm saying so far so good. My worry is I'm done with my list today and what if I don't get sleepy soon :) It's a whole big mystery. Holly dolly now blogger informs me that imagine uploads will be disabled for two hours! Geezzz! Oh hold on silly me. It says tomorrow. Nevermind. So ha ha I uploaded my dinner to make sure. Such a paranoid yet so lovely, aren't I! (I'm in a good mood cos I'm just fed) Lots of spinach with low-fat cheese and nonfat milk mix with more seasoning and chicken breast.

I tried to go on the treadmill today after a week of no workouts cos my knee has been bad again! This time I can't even see my own doctor cos my insurance doesn't cover that hospital anymore!! This other a.hole didn't even see anything wrong with the knee. Gave me some pills said to come back in two weeks. I've been taking the pills for a week now. He also told me I could go on the treadmill, wasn't a problem. Yet 20 minutes of slowish walk I got scared my knee was giving me the finger! So whatever. I'm not gonna freak out before the 2 weeks period.

Before the knee thing I'd been doing the Physique 57 when I was away from the blog. I love that video. I can't wait to go back to it. If and when I go back I'll talk about it more. But for now I'm forcing mum to do it.

So it seems I have a new award. It just seems like that though. No truth in it. Yeah Yeah you wish! Amanda from AJ's WLJ gave it to me. Here is the proof. Considering this girl already lost 30 lbs!! I'm pretty flattered :) Thank you Amanda ♥

Let's hear the rules:
1. Thank the person who gave me the award. (oh yeah!)
2. Share seven things about myself.
3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs. (not to sound so annoying that's a huge number)
4. Let my nominees know about their award.

The seven things...
1- I have no respect or patience for people who wear fur.
2- I'm claustrophobic! Not so bad but it gets freaky at times I guess.
3- If I didn't have to find a job and had the money I'd open up a book store/ cafe... live happily ever after.
4- I'm a sucker for crime shows.
5- I am against war. I've been to a lot of protests when I was studying in California about the Iraq War and I don't even believe in any kind of violence as punishment. Yet I get teary eyed whenever I hear a story happy or sad about any soldier or US troops in general (well the whole world actually but that's not the subject here) cos I believe those men and women are doing what they do because they believe in something. I do think they have the best intentions at heart and will never understand (hoping not to understand really) why war protesters or whoever feel the need to attack these brave people for any reason at any time. I also can't help but have 100% respect for any person who would risk their own lives to protect any other. Does that make sense what I'm saying or did I just completely butchered this paragraph? Well I think you will understand me.
6- I said I don't believe in violence as punishment but I do believe in violence. I would like to hurt every single homophobe very brutally. That is that.
7- Sometimes I become one of those people who doesn't even try. Fear of failure. So strong.

I'm nominating 5 blogs for now and I didn't cheat. I'm new to all these blogs and they are blogs you should check out :)
Heather @ Fun, Fit and Fabulicious
Jeff @ LIFE Can Be Funny (Sometimes)
He Took My Last Name
Teale @ Teale's Meals
Dre @ Drastically Decreasing Downsizing Dre


baygirl32 said...

Congrats on your award.

Putz said...

you sound so damned well adjusted now, I SWEAR MAYBE I'LL STOP BLOGGING TO YOOU IF YOU NEED ABSOLUETELY NO help at all >>>need no advice>>>>have so many friends>>>support of your family>>>skinny as hell>>>>beautiful person i would say>>>no probls, right?????

Steph said...

congrats on the award and i hope the knee feels better soon.

can i hold you to the promise of Ryan Reynolds for Xmas!!

a girl can dream! i'll settle for some weight lossxxx

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Hey River! Saw your comment on BayGirl's post. Hope you enjoy the book. And it seems most books have trailer these days, although mine is very different from most.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the award :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the award - glad that you are back to blogging! :D