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July 09, 2010


I do not like any kinda berry pancakes
I don't wanna leave comments (I also know people who don't leave comments because of this) when I see the "your comment will be visible after approval" line on top of the page. It's just annoying
After 25 years I finally like fruit :)
And I don't hate veggies
I feel safer because I'm fat
That's gotta change cos if everything goes well I'm getting married before June2011
I gotta move!
Ivy is here by the way
She'll be staying till wednesday
J already wants to come back home :D
Any Grace Jones fans out there?
I've gone crazy. We're seeing Grace Jones next friday night
It's not the kinda event my boyfriend likes but hey it'll be different and he likes different
In exactly one month I'll be 26. I don't wanna be. what happened to 16?
It'll also mean my little doggy's been living with us for 4 years!! She is getting older too but looking like a puppy! I'm so jealous :)
I love weekends... have a great one everybody ♥


Luke said...

No berry pancakes?? hey are one of my weaknesses (IHOP!!). I don't like berries, but love berry pancakes. This love may also be why I am where i am today!

~*~Lilly~*~ said...

How stinking cute is that little nugget!!! <3

Patrick said...

Huh, you feel safer because your fat? Safer from what if I may ask... Myself, I'm not sure but being fat has helped me at times. I float in the pool easier; I get offered food more than the skinnier folks do; other fat people don't sit by me on trains and planes. That last one is not always a good thing as I like talking to people of all sizes.

Weekend fever is here, I got it, do you? Have a great weekend River!

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Bot even blueberry pancakes?!? :D

Drazil said...

Cute post....

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Sorry, love berry pancakes here and I'm one of those annoying blogs who asks for approval before the comment posts. Sorry. I like it because it would be harder to go through all the posts to see if someone commented, especially if it is an older post. I don't know if I can have them automatically get posted and still come to my email. Please comment! Even though I'm annoying. :-)

Putz said...

grace jones i just love, and fiona apple are two of my mostest favs>>>>>>>>>>>i have no restrictions on my blogs for comments.>>>i love you all and love to heart or hear from you, especially cute young girls lkie river with disfunctional dogs>.so right i mean write

Anonymous said...

Completely agree on the commenting... I have a hatred for word verification too... unless it's a funny word of course!!

anne h said...

Love Grace Jones!
What's not to love!
Have fun!

Anonymous said...

I love blueberry pancakes with lemon zest - yum!

Have fun seeing Grace Jones! I am going to see the B52's tomorrow night!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

I'm not a fan of berry pancakes either! What a fun random post!

Putz said...

I AM WORRIED ABOUT YOU DEAR>>>I SEE THT HEART UP ABOVE ME AND i don't hear from you and then i worry>>>we need your fun radomn posts>>.write about your shy boy friend

Patrick said...

River, how have you been?