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August 12, 2010

The Heat

How do you deal with the heat and working out? It is burning hot and I don't have a gym membership or access to a pool. The treadmill isn't in my room, which is the only room with an AC. I walked an hour on the treadmill yesterday and it was the longest 60 minutes!! So I'm serious, how do you deal with this? or do you even have such a problem?

Diet has been going fine last 10 days and I don't feel like going nuts, binging etc yet. My mother is struggling a little. But she is walking everyday, not complaining about the heat as much as I do. She is really trying. I'm really trying. The heat is just not a friend right now. We can't just go out to get some fresh air as there is none due to the endless humidity. It gets boring!

One of our teachers wanted to take Ivy and me out today to celebrate our birthday. I was excited about it last night. Then the sun came up and I couldn't get out of it fast enough! Ivy felt the same way. So we all agreed to meet next time Ivy is in town.

I've been stressing about very silly stuff lately. Somehow I can't shake this weird feeling. Everything makes me feel frustrated, down, stressed. I feel like I'm a failure as long as I'm not done with school work, don't have a job, not lose weight.... The diet might be going fine but something in me is just not doing so good. I gotta find out what needs fixing so I can move on with my life and fix the rest without drowning in my own mess.


~*~Lilly~*~ said...

In regards to the heat....I still have been working out outside even when it's burning hot. I started running on August 1st & of course NYC is going through a super heat wave summer! UGH. I try to go at 6:30pm or 7pm after work & on weekends i get up and try to be out of the house by 9 or 9:30am. I won't's hotter then hell out & when you really don't like to run & you really aren't good at SUCKS. (times 200) BUT ....i'm also seeing a really big difference in just this little bit of time. Yes i sweat like i'm in a pool...but if i'm lucky i have some sort of a breeze and just suck it up. It's slowly getting easier & makes you enjoy the times it's cooler. :)

Luke said...

Sorry you are feeling down, I feel the same way a lot of the same time, some of the same reasons and some others. I hope it gets better for you soon.

On another note- I have no way of dealing with heat...I just do it and reward myself with AC wheni get done...and after a really long work out sugar free ice cream.

Melissa@Suger Coat It said...

Awww. Sorry to hear you are up against not only the heat but that little niggling blah feeling. I'm sure you will arise, victorious.

And see that cute little yellow award of yours? The gum boot one!? I started it! You have no idea how excited I was to see it there. Have I told you that before? Gosh, I just got a feeling like I told you that before... Hmmm. Sigh.

Patrick said...

Heat is a tough one. It and bugs have hampered my walking a bit lately. Hopefully you will get some heat relief there soon. They say we're getting some here starting tomorrow. If it is too hot there to exercise, come on over, there is always room for more here :-)