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August 20, 2010


They say "the heat" is going away in 10 days!! Excellent news but it's the middle of August. How much better can it really get??! Hopefully a lot... I'm just not gonna get my hopes up yet. My last post was mostly about the heat and I got some wonderful comments so thank you all. I'm in the process of "sucking it up" and I gotta push myself a little more. All I can manage is an hour long walk right now. Or 75 minutes tops! :D

I want to plan my whole week and stick to eating and exercising for 7 days. Then may be reward myself :) Since I wanna do this more than once, the reward must be something little but will make me look forward to the end of the challenge. May be a book or a skin product? Something to make me feel good but not really nonsense, I wanna be able to use the reward not wear it a couple of times and forget like a necklace.

I've been bored a little lately. Need to try new recipes. My confidence in kitchen isn't really all that high yet. When I see a recipe I think I'd love, I think to myself no way I'm pulling this off. Ridiculous, right? I'm old enough to know not to give up at first try! Duh!

My habits keep changing slowly. My favorites, dislikes... For example, did you know I did not like pears a bit all my life. I didn't like the taste, texture, nothing. Two weeks ago I really really wanted fruit and all my options were watermelon and pears. Well.. it was the middle of the night so I had to try pear because I didn't wanna have to get up every hour to get all the juice watermelon would provide out of my system all night long.

The pear... was heavenly. Just like the cabbage soup I just had. No way you could make eat cabbage a year ago. Now when I go crazy I can't even binge properly. :D I get frustrated with too much sugar or fat. Not that I'm losing weight any faster and it's been real slow, true. But I think I need to let go of the old girl and embrace what's changing in me and my life. Because a lot is going on and I've been acting like a scared little girl. It is time except my new responsibilities and get on with the process already. Losing weight is a big part of it. It is a big big change that effects a huge part of my life. It is there every day, with every bite I eat, every choice I make, every time I put on my walking shoes...

Since my birthday, and I never cared for birthdays, I've been feeling like it's gonna be OK. Everything will be just fine soon. I will find the balance again.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

FAbulous! Excellent! Wonderful! Congratulations!

That is so great! I'm proud of you. Not being able to binge properly is so wonderful. I'm glad you're seeing some real changes in your life. You're weight has been drastically changing too. Really.

Queen of the Rant said...

u go girl-I know you can do it!

Patrick said...

I'd say a book or a skin product are excellent choices for a reward for getting done what you set out to do. Myself, I'd go for the book. Not an Oil of Olay kind of guy.

Looking forward to you posting with a pic of you & your new reward, be it you reading a book, or you wearing that skin stuff :-)

Thanks for your question on my blog yesterday, I answered it back there.

Moving Mertle said...

Rewards are totally needed. If you don't want to buy something as big as a book every week, I'd suggest having a jar. Every week you do well you put $5 or $10 dollars in then at the end of the month you either get like a pedicure or a $5 movie depending on how well you do.

Whatever you decide I'm sure it'll be great motivation for you.

Putz said...

i went back and read all your blogs>>i have missed so much>>.been on a vacation for 3 weeks and hardly did the blog thing, but now am back>>>you are so cute>>>of course you do know that>>>the heat really does seem to affect yuor moods, i am glad you have a lower heat now that it is fall> at least here in utah it is cooler>>don't stress about being 26>>>it is the perfect age by far>>>just be sure to avoid 27>>>>stay 26 forever>>>and cute too>>>>i have been having perfect days like i said in my blog>>>attitude is everything my dear, everything>>>>have been soaing in my mineral , oil, tubs andletting my stress dissapppera>>i love you>>.the putz