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March 25, 2010

2nd Day: Feeling Pretty Good

I realized I didn't write my current weight yesterday, so here we go
Current weight: 215lbs

Today was a success! Not exactly how I planned it but I'm proud of myself! I got a little report for you!
calories: 1474 / carbs: 189 / fat: 42 / protein: 88
workout: 60 minutes on treadmill (run total of 5 minutes)
46 minutes @ target heart rate!
burned 716 calories

Not bad! I don't know how long it has been since I consumed less than 2000 calories. Probably two or three months and that is a long time. I didn't get up early as I planned this morning. Cos I didn't really go to bed on time. One thing led to another and you know the rest. So I didn't have a morning yoga session. I'm a little particular about yoga. I want the house calm and quiet. When I open the window I want the fresh morning air filling up the room, etc. I'm gonna work on my sleeping schedule like a maniac though. Cos I will have to have a better structure soon when hopefully I get a job. And I need to fix it now cos first of all early morning is my favorite time of the day and I miss it. Also I do feel better when I can get up early like 7am. I'm hoping to be waking up at 6am next week! I really really want it. I can have my yoga and have walks in that beautiful fresh air and feel better about my day!

So about my rules for the week... I think I did pretty good on portion control. I cooked my own dinner (shrimps and pasta), had an eggwhite omlette for breakfast which was better than I thought (I'm really in love with egg yolk) probably the smoked turkey breast helped. I also did manage to eat every three hours which I find very difficult especially trying to limit your calories. Not that good on savoring may be but overall it was a great day!

I'm feeling tired after my workout. 716 calories burned isnt bad :D Now I gotta ice my knee, walk my doggy then go to bed with my book and get up a little earlier working towards that 6 am.

Goodnight to me =)


Fat Girl in a Wedding Dress said...

Sounds like a great workout!! There is something for you on my blog, check it out!

Once a Model, Now a Waddle said...

What type of dog do you have? I have an English Bulldog.

P.S. I linked to your blog on my blog

Jessica said...

Great job Friend! Keep it up.. you may also want to run in increments. That helped me at the beginning of my journey. I literally will build up your legs. I started running at 215lbs. Its possible! Go girl! Very proud! :)