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March 24, 2010

Day#1 The Beginning

I honestly did not expect the support you've given me on my very first day! Thank you so very much! I've read a million different blogs today. Enjoyed most of them and my bookmarks are so crowded I don't know how to find my way, gotta organize a little.
I did not work out today. The main reason was because I went to bed so late last night and woke up late I wasn't feeling all that well. I have a little arrhythmia problem since birth and my heart doesn't play along unless I'm fully rested (regular sleeping schedule reguired). I'm going to bed as soon as I finish typing so I' planning on going for Weight Loss Yoga by Gaiam. I used to use that video so much. Loved it. Makes me feel good, strong, refreshed, calmer, more focused. Then I'll have a busy day running around in town, lots to do. We'll see how it goes.
I was hungry the whole day. Couldn't feeol comfortable whatever I ate. Might mean that my period is approaching fast. My skin is acting up too. I didn't binge or anything close to it. Had lots of veggies, especially artichoke yuummmmy! I gotta cook my own food though. I really am paranoid about the amount of fat used for the food cooked for the whole family. My parents doesn't really care for my struggle. No that's not true. They care but they have their own problems and food is just the bestest frend we all have. Well in theory at least. It's been a not-so-cute year. And it's safe to assume I inherited my easting habbits.

SO I decided to weigh in on Saturdays, so if I eat out over the weekend I won't freak out. I love eating out and if I go to the same few places I go all the time I'm safe. I can eat sensibly and enjoy my food. But you never know.

This week I will try to work on my portion size. No wait a sec I have this blog so I won't try this and that but I will do! So I'll practice 1)portion contol 2)savoring my food 3)eating every three hours

Good luck to me =D


LaurenD said...

good luck girl! you can do it for sure, just track your food for sure, you could even do this on your blog! I am glad that you are starting to write because it really does help!

Stacey K said...

Tracking is good. I have famished days around the time before I get my period. Usually somewhere around a week before the start. I don't worry about it too much because it's not an all the time thing.