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March 30, 2010

An Update and a Thank You

Thank you to all of you who commented or just read my last entry. I guess it sounded like I was miserable but I am not. I love supporting my boyfriend and discussing his workouts most of the time. But then again there are those days... Yesterday was one of them. Thank God today is not! I feel like I'm on a roller coaster sometimes. Hopefully my better days are growing in numbers when the bad ones are shrinking in size. I am very thankful for all your support. You put a huge smile on my face and pushing me harder to do better the next day. So here is what I did the last couple of days:

Monday: eaten: 1,515 calories / 196carbs / 38fat / 101protein
The Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout (-the last circuit)
burned: 401 calories / total: 38 minutes / 18min. @target heart rate

Tuesday: eaten: 1,556 calories / 205carbs / 33fat / 111 protein
Walk on Treadmill
burned: 566 calories / total: 55 minutes / 31min. @target heart rate

Trying to cut back on calories is tough. But I know it will get down slowly. I still can't get over the "hungry." As long as I'm not eating more than 1600 I'll deal with it. I really hope to get 6 days of workouts this week. Even if it's a short workout I'm gonna get my butt off this chair and move. I'm hoping for a second run with the Last Chance workout tomorrow. It was very hard. The intensity is wow! I might need to take a few breaks for a minute or so... but I'll do the whole thing and not skip the last circuit this time. There is nothing too difficult in it. Just need to get used to the high intensity. and I will. I will do it. 


Weighting Around said...

In Weight Watchers we are encouraged to eat a lot of filling foods and foods high in fiber. It helps. I snack on microwave popcorn every night - a whole bag of the 94% fat free kind. It keeps me quiet and, eaten kernel by kernel, takes a while and helps me overcome the hungries.

Anonymous said... does feel like a roller coaster a lot of the time. I wish it were easier :(

One day at a time...