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April 01, 2010


For the first time today I woke up early to go for a walk! I live in Istanbul and there is a beautiful trail for walkers and bikers, etc by the sea 10 minutes from my home. So one of my best friends asked me to go for a walk yesterday and I said "yeah why not" Of course I regreted it by this morning. It was torture to wake up at 7:45 when I "couldn't" sleep because I couldn't put down my book. Well torture or not I did get up. Had my regular breakfast. I can't function without breakfast, so I don't have a problem with eating early, which I think is pretty lucky. 

So this photo is from this morning. I'm the ugly one on the right :) I don't think I'm ugly but hell this pic is not my best. Not that I look that good in any pics. The lovely lady on the left is J. Her mother was the nurse asisting my birth!! We go that far back! She is the reason I burned over 800 calories today before my mother  or my dog even woke up.
So there wasn't any sun around but the weather was still beautiful and fresh. Seeing so many people walking, running around also gives you a sense of belonging. I find that a little surprising. A happy one. We had our headphones on but still chatting and giggling of course. We walked for an hour and 16 minutes. J has a strange foot problem and she was having some trouble. We were getting tired too. But we'll try to build it up slowly. 10 minutes each time may be. Hoping to go for 3 days a week.

My parents were a little jealous. I really hope they'll come with next time. Monday. They can walk with their own pace and it's all about moving a little. And that morning air is like a drug! I always say it. Early morning is my favorite time of the day and I want it to be addictive.

I also did a 25 minute yoga session yesterday. But couldn't really hold on to it. Quit in the middle. It was a new video and too much work on the knees. Obviously I can't be on my knees and couldn't figure out an alternative and got exhausted pretty quick. I'll go for an old video tomorrow. Yoga for Weight Loss by Gaiam. I used to love that one. It doesn't have too much work on the knees which is great. I did good with food yesterday but today I was a very bad girl. My weapon of choice was McDonalds. I didn't even like it. I ended up eating 800 over my daily limit. I'm not gonna kill myself over it. It's done. Not gonna happen tomorrow. I'm over it. Tomorrow I'm buying new running shoes though! That will be my desert!

I also did the Virtual Me thing :) I find it a little funny a little hopeful a little troubling, but whatever.
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Anonymous said...

You are adorable!! Not one ounce of ugly :)

Beautiful background by the way...

Steph said...

hi thanks for your comment.

i'm really glad i'm losing which is the most imporant thing.

well done on your walk i really want to walk more but the weather here isn't helping!! Rain and Hail here today!!! :(

i'll try to add you to my list of blogs but its been playing up xxx

Once a Model, Now a Waddle said...

Hi, what's the website for the virtual me thing? I'd love to try it out.


Ms. Model Waddle