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May 13, 2010


That's our capital for those who don't know. So I'm in Ankara and I got the flu. I blame the ac on the bus. But mum has it too and dad was recovering when I left so... who knows. I'm guessing I'll be better in a couple of days. I'm not exactly resting in bed but not killing myself either.

It's good to be here. I missed Ivy so much. We have the whole apartment to ourselves and having a little girl time and some fun. Yesterday we also had a guest, Dodo. He is the nicest, sweetest guy on earth and he can't stop laughing at everything for some reason. He also lost a lot of weight since I've seen him last year. Hoping to see him more before I leave. I decided to go back home next thursday by the way. J might come to stay with us over the weekend. Still haven't decided yet. She has a lot to do for school and will let us know by tomorrow. We have some work to do here too. Working slowly on some graduation projects. Oh these bs never ends with the school work.

We had a pizza and ice cream day yesterday. But we are still on our diet schedule more or less. This was our shopping cart on monday. We went grocery shopping as soon as Ivy picked me up from the bus station. See nothing naughty... some chicken breast, turkey, sugar-free ice tea, salad greens, lots of fruit!

Meet my dinner from monday. (I decided I needed to supply some proof) My chicken as always, some salad with fatfree dressing and frozen potatoes with no oil, little ketchup, very little mustard.

This was luch on tuesday. My pasta with tons of tomato, garlic and scallions. One stuffed eggplant. (We like stuffind veggies and leaves in Turkey and when I see eggplant my heart beats faster)

I almost forgot, my left knee has been hurting like a bitch. Well it's been better today. But it started on monday and I was in pain for so long. My eyes teared every time I had to go down the stairs even just one step. I really need to see my doctor when I go back home. I'm guessing he will tell me I need physical therapy. I do not have any means of affording that at the moment and beyond that if I get "the job" I won't have any time. Hope we'll figure out a way to fix it without more trouble.

I haven't worked out since I've been here. But have my weights and videos with me. We can also go for walks when I get better. But we really need to get up early cos it's burning hot in this city. I'm guessing Istanbul will be so hot too when I get back. This summer has come way too fast for me. I never look forward to it. Now it's here and I wish I had the power to keep spring going on for the whole year. Speaking of mind power I just finished reading The Sphere by Michael Crichton. I love this guy so much. Another great book. Always makes me want more. I stole this quote from wiki for you: The New York Times's Robin McKinley said "Part of the fun of Sphere is that it keeps you going even when you're pretty sure of what will happen next." I think I'm reading Timeline by Crichton next.

Today we went out to Starbucks. I don't know what anybody did before Starbucks. I feel so home at any Starbucks. It feels like everybody feels better there. I used to go to Starbucks to study, now I go to read a book, write in my journal, just to get out of my own head... Yeah, one other obsession of mine.

I had a haircut yesterday. Don't like it. The guy didn't get what I wanted and I ended up with this mess. Well.. I'll survive. This is what I looked like drinking my cappuccino today. I don't really like my photo being taken. But hell I wanted to share. For a miracle just for you I'm even smiling :)

My face looks bloated. Look under my eyes. huge bags. Well the bags is a curse for the women in my family. But that's not the point. I sometimes like being bloated cos when it goes down it feels like I lost a lot of weight all of a sudden :p I'll always be a kid (or baby) at heart. 

This is Ivy telling me we don't look good in photos so what's the point :D I think she asked for it complaining too much. Hahaha she looks funny and this is my blog so I got the power *still giggling* I don't think she looks bad though. If I thought so I wouldn't put this photo. I'm not evil. Just bad sometimes.

I asked Ivy to write a guest post on my blog. She said yes. I'm letting you know so she won't have a way out of it if she gets lazy or sth. She has lost some weight herself. Has been working hard on it. She also has some interesting stories to tell about her years of struggle with weight issues. Of couse if she decides to share. We'll see what she'll come up with.

I've been feeling so bad cos I couldn't post for so many days. I hope I'll be able to write again soon. I miss my blog and I miss reading yours'. I have some catching up to do. Soon. I also have new followers. Always a nice surprise ♥

Have a great day everybody!


MB said...

I love the photos. Both you and Ivy look happy and beautiful.

Hope you're feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You don't look good in photos?!?! You look GREAT!!!
And sorry to disagree twice, but I do *whisper*like your hair.

Post when you can. It's hard when you're traveling. Nobody has internet like home.


feel better!

Putz said...

i think you bother look great, GREAT, , in photos, got quite an education of you in this post, wow, WOW

Putz said...

THAT IS both not bother ^^^^ up above

Lindsay said...

You look great!!! Smiles :)

Patrick said...

River, looks like lots of fresh goodies in that cart. Dinner looks good and that sauce on the pasta looks heavenly! Sorry to hear the knee is a problem for you now, mend quick. I don't know anything about hair but that smile, very nice. Starbucks huh, my daughter is an addict to that place at 17 years old. Not sure where she got that from, not me; I just don't care for coffee. Take care - Patrick

CJ said...

Thats a lot of good dtuff in the cart! And your lunches look yum!

Love the photos, you look very pretty! You should post more pics of yourself :)

Ms. Chunky Chick said...

Your a hot banana! Yay for staying on a diet schedule!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

You two look like you were having so much fun! good food in that cart!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward to hearing from Ivy ;-)

sorry to hear that you are sick!!

BTW I work for the roasting plant at Starbucks. I am dreaming of the day I can visit a Turkish Starbucks (side note: in 2008 I was the Coffee Ambassador for our Regional Support Centre. The CA from Istanbul was a total hottie. I think *all* of the girls fell in love with him when he was in Amsterdam for a CA get together... If I hadn't been in a relationship, he'd have been fair game!! hahaha!!)

you both look great and actually I like your hair. no more nonsense about not looking good in photos!!