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May 24, 2010

Back Home & In Trouble

 It's good to be back. It's time to face the reality. I gained 3.5lbs! That is huge! It's so huge that I wanna cut flesh off of my body to get rid of it right away! I'm so embarrasssed to come back after two weeks and tell you all this is what I did. I will go ahead and confess I binged three times the past 10 days. That is such a high number at this point. But I'm home now and don't have any excuses. I need to get back into the "healthy mind" already and get the numbers going down again.

I had fun though. I don't regret relaxing a little. I don't diet to just lose weight. I'm trying to turn everything I know and still learning into a life style. And in real life you do take vacations and gain a couple of pounds. You just come back to your daily routine and you lose that extra naturally. I admit if I don't lose it back in a week I'll probably have a different attitude. But it will be only because I would have disappointed myself. So we'll have some rules brought back this week if I don't want that happenning. The lazy in me needs to move out.

These rules to be followed for the next two weeks (mon 05/24 - sat 06/05)

1 - no sugar 
(fresh fruit only)
2 - min 5 servings of veggies & fruits
3 - no processed food or junk
4 - eat 1300-1600 calories
5 - limit fat
6 - do whatever workout I can 
(as long as my knees let me)
7- not gonna weigh in untill June 6

Of course there are nice things going on too. Like my mother did a major spring cleaning in my room. I don't think this room was ever this clean. I need to do some reorganizing but feels like the room is shining with pride! Mama is my hero of the month! (and probably all the other 11 months too)

I have to admit though the best part of coming home is my boyfriend. After so many years I still think it's a miracle that we ever met and became close friends, then finally fall in love... Oops I'm getting too emotional all of a sudden. I think catching up with Gray's Anatomy did some damage. What the hell was those last two episodes! Reminds me we still haven't seen the Lost finali. I did consider staying up till morning (was shown here same time as USA) but decided it was silly. I also download every episode then wait to watch it with my boy. We're hoping to watch it tomorrow evening if he is not too tired after his workout. So freaking excited!

I'm ending today's post with this lovely photo of Ivy with the little cat who found us on their backyard and adopted us all by himself! (I think he is a he but may be not) He kinda made us give him milk by drinking Ivy's coffee so casually and looking like enjoying it a lot. He joined us for dinner that day and disappeared the day after to reappear and even jumo in the car with us just the next day. Ivy tells me he still comes and goes and I fell in love with him so bad that I'm torturing my little dog evne worse now. She's fine yet but it's only cos she missed me too much. Next week she'll be hiding from me =) She is a free spirit! ♥


Police Girl said...

You'll definitely lose the weight quickly if you don't eat processed food! Don't worry everyone gains weight on holiday:) I love Grey's & Lost too - I can't wait for the Biggest Loser finale tomorrow!

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

Easy come, easy go... that 3 lb will fall off in two shakes. Get after it!

SherRon, Shoes To Lose said...

3.5 lbs isn't going to make a difference unless you let it. And from the looks of things...You aren't going to let it!

Its much easier to stay on track now that you are back and I'm sure those pounds will be gone in no time! : )

Patrick said...

You had fun, that is great! You lived a little and ate a bit too much while having fun, not great but not terrible. It's not terrible because you know what you have to do, you know how to be healthy, and you say you want to do so too. Imagine if you didn't… you got back home, saw you gained 3.5 pounds, or worse didn't even care to weigh yourself, and you just went on your way and kept on eating too much. That would be terrible! But you haven't done that, you chosen to plan out being healthy going forward, that is awesome! Two weeks from now I bet you'll hit that scale and we'll all read am excited post from you. Go gett'em River.

Aylilth said...

Psst you have an award on my blog <3

CJ said...

Oh I posted the same thing! I went for a very short break and gained nearly 2 and 1/2 pounds!! Its ok! We'll get back on track! Best luck. Dont be disheartend

kimbo said...

whoo you're back!

omg, i was sobbing like a baby @ the greys finale! did you see lost yet? i decided i loved it too!

dont let the 3.5 lbs get you down, it might just be salt and water anyways! not weighing in until june 6 i think is a good plan! ive broken up with my scale too :)

Putz said...

some of us are going to continue to love you even with the additiionaly 3.5 pounds, but just take a deep breath, and go read chris some more and know that you will in the long run be ok< ok????

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

go girl! You're gonna be fine. Follow the rules and it will be gone in a few days. REally. :)