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May 04, 2010


I took a pill last night to help me sleep. I hoped for a 10 hours but had to settle for 9. Because of the job I'm trying to get. One of the people I'll meet about it was on tv discussing something current and I thought it was important for me to get a little more on who he is, etc.

I did wake up during the night but fell back asleep quick. Waking up was a bitch though. I don't know how I managed to get out of the house somehow and meet J. All the way I felt so dizzy and disoriented. Thank God, J wanted to take it slow today. We had a very light walk for 45 minutes. Burned only 380 calories but it is something.

When I came back home I couldn't even take a shower. Just went back to bed wondering if I could sleep or not. Turns out I could. Slept 4 more hours. I feel so much better. Not 100% awesome. But a lot better.

Made myself a nice lunch. Mum already made some salad and pasta, which went perfect with my chicken. I cooked the same chicken with marinade on saturday for my boyfriend. And what do you know, he wants some more. Which is excellent news. Because he likes eating out a lot and I hate spending money on food so much. On his defense he eats so stickly (being a bodybuilder and all) on weekdays and weekend mornings he is always craving for some color. So I'm looking for some nice side dishes to go with the chicken. Also will make a huge, green salad. I guess I'll go for mushrooms? Lots of protein and he loves them. Me too.

I noticed now I have 50 followers! (like I don't check the number everyday. duh!) Exactly 6 weeks from my very first post.

Love you all! Have a great day!


~Jessica said...

That food looks amazing!!! Congrats on the 50 followers!

Have you ever tried "Melatonin"? It's a natural herb sleeping pill. I've been taking it on and off for years and highly recommend it.

River said...

Hi Jessica, couldn't find your email so replying here.

I used Melatonin for a while to try to keep "my clock" in order. But it didn't work. Because (as my doctor says) I have the hormones already my difficulty is drifting off and staying asleep.

It worked for my father though :) He loves it.

Thank you ♥

MB said...

Your plate looks almost too pretty to eat.

Glad you are catching up on your zzzzz's.

I'm glad I'm one of the 50 ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh...yum...that food looks delicious!!

I do not do well being sleep bit!! I hope you catch up on your beauty rest soon :)

Shrinking Jen said...

Congrats on 50 followers! I couldn't sleep last night either actually!

Putz said...

sleep and food and a little time with boy friend is all you need river, i have got {as you know} 9 to 10 hours of sleep a day for over a year and i am not terribly over weight 163 at 5 foot nine, but i like moderation but am still pround of chris for losing a hundred pounds just don't like when she tells me she is hungry>.that makes me feel bad to know that

Aylilth said...

YAY on your followers!!!!

I just have to say the chicken looked really good.

I think sleeping pills will play up a bit on your system, hope you are feeling better tho.

Running Diva Mom said...

Just found you -- looking forward to following your journey :-)