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May 01, 2010

Dear May,

WEEK # 1
1 - Stay under 1500 calories
2 - Workout 60mins/day (5 days)
 3 - If I can go for 90mins (mon-wed-fri)
4 - Track everything I eat and log all the workouts on Spark People
5 - Stay active for 1 hour each day when I have nothing to do
 6- No diet or any other kinds of soda
7- Cut back on sodium

to be continued...


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

You go girl! Keep it up.

I think this is do-able, it sounds reasonable. We're cheering for you!

Putz said...

oh oh oh, river, that card is the very sweetest thing anybody has ever done for me>>.you are almost a total stranger[strangler} and here yopu thought of me, a really old guy with a birthday greeting>>.you do know i am almost 3 times older than you>>>and yet you think of me>>>i am speechless, honest river i do think you are wonderful to do this for me>>>and we havinen't even been blogging that long either>>>i think i am in love

Putz said...

i am teasing just a little bit, you do know , right??

River said...

Stop saying you're old!

"Young. Old. Just Words." - George Burns

I care about my bloggers and I value this blog world we're creating everyday.

Tease all you want but be careful young man I have a boyfriend :)

Steph said...

Happy May!!!

good luck on your aims, your very brave for going with out diet soda, i'm a coke zero addict not sure how i'd go on. maybe i will try it later in the year.

have a fab may xxx

ps i'd share the wii fit with you but a couple of this stopping us. most of europe is between us and its not mine!!!

small things x

Drazil said...

I need to do every one of them too! Here's to May baby!

Police Girl said...

I think I'll join you! Great list!!

Anonymous said...

GREAT goals darling! and what a great way to start out the week!