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May 07, 2010

The Night Before Weigh-in

Thank you all for your comments about my reward :)  My dress loves you back (yes, she told me herself).

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I'm so nervous! I don't think I've gained more than a pound last week. At least I hope I didn't. So tomorrow morning I really don't know what to expect. I stepped on my scale a couple of days earlier but still not sure... I'm never sure about this numbers thing.

This is what I did since monday. This table is from my Spark People Calendar. The days it says "track cardio" but there are still fitness minutes given, I only did strength training so no cardio calories entered. (I know I'm not sharing what I did over the weekend! yes I mean to hide it from you. so move along people!) In the end it's not the "ideal" week but I think I did pretty good considering I was struggling with sleep till wednesday. I guess I need to admit I'm happy with what I did. I just wish tuesday wasn't so high on calories. I don't even remember what brought up my calories so high.

Did you see the 1022 calories burned today!!!!!! Yesterday was really good too. So what was the difference? When I step on the treadmill I usually am thinking "I think I could go for an hour" and feeling tortured half the time. Yesterday I tried to enter the minutes before I started and let the treadmill count down from 75 minutes. Same today with 90 minutes. Somehow that felt a little easier. I hoped so bad I would reach to a 1000 calories and was scared about half way through that I wouldn't. I guess that's why I'm smiling right now as much as I'm obsessing about tomorrow's weigh in.

We're gonna go see Iron Man 2!!!!!! Probably tomorrow. It's getting hot during the day so seeing a movie is a great option to be out of the house during  the "hot" hours. I loved the first movie a lot. It was soo much fun I'm keeping my fingers crossed the second one will be as good. I haven't read any reviews or anything yet. I don't wanna know much about the movie before I see it. Well the subject and a simple trailer is fine. But if you read too much or the wrong thing it ruins the whole experience for me. By the way does anybody else thinks Robert Downey Jr is getting hotter by the minute?!! When I see that guy I don't think I'll even care for Scarlett and I adore that woman. (I adored her before many of you knew she existed!) Don't worry I'll stop here.

Have a great weekend everybody! Sunday is Mother's Day :)


~Jessica said...

I have banned seeing this movie in our house because the boyfriend is obsessed with Scarlet! Ha! I may lighten up on it... but only because RDJ's eyes pierce my soul!

Congrats on all of the hard workouts! I look forward to hearing about your weigh in tomorrow!

Patrick said...

I still havent seen Ironman 1. Now IM2 is out, time to get caught up I think. Downey is a great actor, amazing to think he almost killed his career if not himself a few years back.

Awesome workouts this week. Way to go. That should help bring you a great weigh in tomorrow.

Go gett'em!