So far...

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May 05, 2010


- Visit Japan
- Learn another language
- Write something I'm proud of
- Go scuba diving
(I'm terrified)
- Run a marathon
(or an equivalent)
- Take a cooking class
- Paint something


Anonymous said...

I would be absolutely terrified to scuba dive. I'm not into depending on man made device to breathe for me Yep...I'm a chicken.

Painting is awesome...I learned a few years ago and love it.

Onewhocares said...

I like your list. Numbers three and five would be on mine too...I'll have to think about some more!

Tricia said...

love the list!

Putz said...

yeh me too, i would hate for a shark to bite my toe, but it is ok for a dog or cat to nibble

Police Girl said...

Great list!! I carry my list around with me everywhere I go!