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April 30, 2010

Sick Week Ending

I went to bed late last night. 4 am to be exact. It's only cos I had to cut my sleep short yesterday then go back to sleep in the middle of the day. Anywho I only slept 6 hours last night and anything less than 8 hrs is not so cute on me. I've been sleepy all day but feeling a lot better overall. I even made my bed. I confess making the bed isn't a habbit of mine. After this week's American Idol I'd been craving Shania Twain (I love country music and might be the only person who love it so much in this country). So after breakfast I full-blasted  Come on Over (my fav Shania album) and oh how I missed those songs. She makes me dance, smile and apparently make my bed! I did some organizing of my bookcase, changed my desk's angle. Did some little stuff... singing and dancing.

Then my aunt came with her younger daughter who left her husband this morning! It's a very long story with her. But in summary my cousin, lets call her Bell, got married 12 years ago and stopped all contact with her side of the family, all of us including her parents. My aunt finally got through to her 6 years ago. She was the only one Bell would see. The main problem is she married an asshole and triple asshole in-laws. She spent 12 years like a prisoner. Abused in many ways, always feared for her security... you get the point? It was almost like she got kidnapped and had Stockholm Sendrome.

So Bell called my aunt two days ago and she was all scared and a little out of her mind. My aunt jumps on the first plane (she lives in Izmir, alittle south of here) and comes to talk to her in person. Bell tells her she is finally (after 12 years!) ready to leave her husband. We were scared he would react in a "bad" way. Well honestly I was getting ready for the news she was killed. But he just insulted her, told her she couldn't do shit and blah blah. So she left. Today was her first day in civilization. I don't know where I'm going with this, why I told you... I guess this was the headline of my day and most of my day ran around it.


On a sweeter note this little cup has been my favorite dessert for the past month.

It's crushed oat cookies at the bottom, plain ice cream in the middle and unsweetened applesauce on top. I love this because it really satisfies my desert craving perfectly. I also can control the calories and everything else by adjusting what I use and how much of it. I kinda turn it into baby food by mixing everyhting about half way through. But what can I say... it's the 16 year-old inside of me trying to go back to kindergarten. Yeah 16 is the age I wish I could stay at for the rest of my life!

I'm going back to "healthier" tomorrow, which is awesome considering it's the first day of May. I'll post a list of "have to and gonna do no matter what" for May tomorrow. I wanna step up my game this month. I mean it!


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

What a rough emotional day! Your icecream is making me want to go to the store...and be very very bad. But, I'm glad you like it so much! I hope that tomorrow is better sleepwise for you and lifewise for your cousin.

Steph said...

Wow what a day you have had, i hope your cousin and her family are all ok. and i'm glad your better.

Shania twain reminds me of school one of my friends was always singing it (odd he was a boy!) ;0) but brought a smile to my face remebering him singing it in Geography class!!


kimbo said...

i LOVE country music too!!

glad you're feeling better, and great news about your cousin finally seeing the light!

have a great weekend!!

Putz said...


Anonymous said...

Very glad that she has finally left and is ready to start a new life :0)

Anonymous said...

That dessert pictured is NOT conducive to weight loss. Sugar, the killer culprit.