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April 05, 2010


Hello Hello Hello! The very first day of the week started not so bad at all. Well... I was suppose to meet J for our second morning walk at 8am. And I was at the spot right on time, which wasn't that easy for me I have to admit and I was a little stressed out to make it on time. So I get there. The weather is perfect. Had my morning phone call with my boyfriend (I'm gonna call him S from now on). I'm feeling good and ready. J wasn't there yet though. I give her a call to see where she's at. Sursprise surprise she was in bed. Couldn't wake up apparently. Yeah I'm not gonna get pissed. The whole morning getting ready I kept thinking what if she is still asleep. But I didn't wanna call her and make it a habit of us calling each other to check every single time we do this. I'm not big on trying to say "ok I'm up just hang this phone up so I can get ready" in the morning. So at that point I had to suck it up and not pull my spirits down when I was at this beautiful place and ready to have my walk.

So I ended up walking alone. I have to say It was pretty nice. My only problem was I forgot to take a hat with me and the sun was in a mean mood, which is good. I miss the Sun when it's hiding behind big big clouds. Look at my view for the walk. One of those places you can't stop telling yourself "I love this city." I walked for 85 minutes! 74mins @ target heart rate!!! and burned 900 calories! That's awesome, dont you think ;) I feel great. I have a feeling that scale will be sorry at the end of the week for what it's done to me last friday.

Got some new pics for ya. This little girl was a little too friendly with me. But I had to tell her I'm taken! I wanted to play with her so much. But I met her in the middle of my walk so couldn't really stop and let my heart rate go down. She did attempt to follow me for a while, gave up quick. I wasn't the lazy one this time! YAY for me!

You know last time I had this walk it was at 9am. I surprised to see there were even more people today even though it wasn an hour earlier. A lot of dog walkers! I wish my little doggy liked to walk. We could have more fun together. Anyways of course I love her "just the way she is" :)


Steph said...

wow you live in a beautiful place. well done for going on your walk without your friend, it would have been so easy just to turn round and go home!

your scale will defo be sorry!!! good on ya x

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

That is a beautiful city. Great job exercising alone. I think that is one of the biggest roadblocks to consistent exercise. YOU DID IT!!! Congrats! And keep it up!