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April 08, 2010


Tomorrow is weigh in day! So I decided to give the Biggest Loser Last Chance Workout another try. If you can remember I actually tried it before and couldn't do the last circuit because I felt exhausted very quick. I actually didn't write this but I almost did throw up like I see most of the contestants in the show do. It felt horrible. But today was a different story. I made it till the end. Didn't throw up. Didn't feel sick at all. I felt great. I burned 400 calories and 31 minutes out of the total 38 min of the workout I was working at my target heart rate! WOOHOO

So I'm planning on doing this everyday or every other day depending on my schedule for a couple of weeks then may be change it up a little. We'll see what I might decide.
I should talk about the video a little I guess. It is FUN! I'm a huge Biggest Loser fan. Consider this the show doesn't air in this country and I've seen all the seasons every single episode! and Jillian Michaels! I adore her. I have every DVD and book of hers. Don't get fooled just cos I've spent the last year being lazy. I have it all and I'll work with all of them. May be change it up every two weeks or a month. Don't know yet.

Back to the Last Chance Workout. All the moves are basic. Nothing too difficult. Well I have knee issues so had to alternate a couple. But other than that there is nothing you can't do whatever your fitness level is. The pace is way up! 30 seconds intervals. 30 sec of little cardios to increase your heart rate like jumping jacks etc and 30 sec for strength training. You just keep moving. No time to get bored. Of course the music is awful. But you can use your own after a couple of times when you need to listen to what Jillian is saying.

I love all the Biggest Loser contestants in this video. They are not robotic and looking perfect. I even have their personalities during the workout. I feel good, not really intimidated or annoyed by their working out which can happen with other workout videos where you have to watch professionals with amazing bodies completing every move with a huge grin on their faces.

The video also have clear warm up and cool down sections. There is a section of recommended weekly workouts for a six weeks plan. You just pick the day you're on and it plays for you. So you can actually go for 6 weeks without needing to change up for a different video. I find that very helpful.

I also have to admit something here. Because of my arrhythmia problems I cut off 5 seconds at the end of some intervals to breath and rest. But 5 seconds of rest is fine I belive. It made me finish the whole thing and not have a heart attack (kidding about the attack). I'm gettin stronger though. So who knows I might be able to skip resting soon. So overall this is one of my favorite workout DVDs. I love it. I would give it 9/10.