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April 14, 2010

One Day You're Fine Next Day You're Not

Thanks everyone for your comments about the painting. Mama loves you too :)

Yesterday was not so okay. I managed to go on the treadmill for 45 minutes and every minute of it was torture. I got through it but really wanted to do more. Just didn't happen. I also ate more than I wanted to. I find it way too hard to resist the food cooked for the rest of the household. Yesterday mom cooked this amazing white rice pilav with lots and lots of butter. That smell could choke me in a second, so I ate 2 cups worth of it. Overall my daily total was up to 2000 calories.

I don't exactly feel guilty. A little worried about the weigh in though. Am I gonna have to go through this every week? I have 3 full days before it's time to step on that scale. I won't be able to workout tomorrow. It's not really that big of a deal. Not this part at least. But hell my appetite is acting up. I don't know how to control this...

Today this "hungry" feeling is stuck in my mind. I mean it's gotta be in my mind. Because I've been eating what I'm suppose to. All my proteins, carbs, fat are at my target range. I'm not starving myself and trust me I cannot not eat. It's so frustrating! I wanna eat all the time!

At least I'm done with workouts for today. I finished Last Chance Workout and had a 30 minutes on the treadmill right after. 747 calories burned. Let's hope I won't end up eating it all back.

I'm going to see a movie tonight with J. I'm really excited about the film. Yet I have a new problem. I've been going to bed so early lately and this movie is at 9.30 pm. I'm hoping to keep awake the whole movie *fingers crossed* We also have tickets for the next morning (11am). Seriously I'll miss my sleep. I'll have to suck it up I guess. I love film festivals and I picked these films cos I wanted to see them bad. Why am I turning this simple thing into something so complicated? I should just try to relax about this scale business. I have to.


Steph said...


relax we all need to have mini breaks from routine and little bit of something good never did anyone any harm.

enjoy the films good luck for wi x

CJ said...

You know, sometimes I feel our body starts acting up and really gives us a hard time. I think at this time its adjusting to the new lifestyle or new habits. Give it a week or so, it will be fine. Some days are just not the best :)

Anonymous said...

You need to figure out if it's "head" hunger or "true" hunger. Alot of times I want to be truly hungry so bad and want to eat all day. It's usually "head" hunger. I hate days like that.

I would fall asleep if I had to go to a movie that late at night. Hope you are able to enjoy it :)

JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

I had a binge today. Ate that evil time of the day. 4:30-5:00. BLECH.

It was the worst of the year.

I hope that you enjoy those movies. And that you have fun and relax!

Putz said...

at last someone who is NORMAL, not super extrordinary like chris....i can come here and relate 2000 seem low to me still, but is much better than chris down below or around a thousand most of the time, i am hopeing never to hear the word hungry....hey drop by on my blog, i won't bite you and i am 67 years old and harmless, honest

Putz said...
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Putz said...

i just did a blog on sleep, i get 9/10 hours evey night now for a year, and my son tony says, what a lazy lout you are>>>doinf something anything physical is what he wants me to do, blogging will not count, so i like to please people and i do feel real guilty about my sedate life, so what do you think {sleeper} i value your opinion as uch as i did on your e mailon wieght loss and how to eat something occasionally>>>thanks, i guess you really don't think i am going to bite you, you are so very friendly