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April 12, 2010


I worked out both days over the weekend. Do you have any idea how awesome I feel! If I could I would be doing back flipsall day long. My energy level is definitely up. So is my mood. I'm smiling more. Less angry. More patient. I don't "hate" everything as much...  I see colors and brightness everywhere I look. I hope this feeling will not ever go away.

These lovely flowers blong to my mother. Have I told you she is an amateur painter. She picked up painting a few years ago, although she had talent all her life. It's never too late for anything.

Ok I have to confess something. Saturday night wasn't so good. S told me something that really hurt me. I know he didn't mean to but still.. that dark cloud didn't go away till the next day and it didn't go away fo easy. I don't wanna get into details. Because it's gone and I don't wanna make it into something more than it is. I feel great now and that should be what really is important.

Guess what! I had another 2-workouts-in-a-day! Went for my morning walk with J. YAY! I like walking with her. Oh, she told me she lost 2lbs this week!! She's trying to lose 18lbs total. Will I get to see the day when I need to lose only 18 pounds? Is that day ever gonna come really? I guess it has to.

Back to workouts. See the "s" at the end, means multiple! Hah love it! This morning when the hour was up I walked J to the bus (well it's not really a bus I don't know what to call it in English) said goodbye and walked home. Which made my total 96 minutes and burned 1041 calories! In the afternoon I also had another session of Last Chance Workout with my favorite trainer Jillian Michaels :) So totay my total is:

136 minutes (125@target heart rate)
1424 calories burned

I have to admit I ate more than meant to though. I had 1700 calories total. But come on do the math! I think I did good. Considerin I still have a million muffins sitting in the kitchen right now.

Have a wonderful week people! I you all!


Ms. Chunky Chick said...

First of all the painting is beautiful! Second whoo hoo on the work outs! I notice my energy goes up when i work out too. And thirdly if what S said made you upset I think its good to talk about no matter how trivial you may find it. But thats just something I starte to do myself. Instead of bottling it inside, even if I just talk about it in only the blog world. Good luck

Anonymous said...

Great job on the working out and peppy spirit!!

The painting is awesome. I've dabbled in painting myself...took a couple college classes etc. Anyhow....great painting!!

Steph said...

well done on the workouts , your doing very well!!

the flowers are beautiful.

keep up the good work xxx

CJ said...

Wow! thats an awesome number of calories burned! Great going!!

Love the flowers!

Proud Wifey And Mommii of 3 said...

That painting is beautiful!!!

You are doing great!!! Keep up the great work!!!