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April 09, 2010


So turns out I was suppose to weigh in tomorrow!! Which gives me an extra day. But with all the heartbrake of last week and working my butt off (I worked out a total of 345minutes this week) I thought I had to weigh in today! So I did. Guess what? I lost 4 lbs! If I had the energy I would be screaming off the top of my lungs this morning. I'm so relieved and happy. I was sick with paranoia :) It's all gone though. I will step on my lovely scale tomorrow morning too. Not that I think there will be a change in a day. But you never know. Plus I wanna see my new weight again. 211. Isn't it sweet. 12 more pounds and I'll be kicking 200s goodbye for everrr ☼ I'm also getting a haircut when I exchange "2" for a "1" soon man very soon!!

Did you notice I'm getting obsessed with numbers. Don't worry I'll lose track soon. Never been good at keeping up with them. Who cares! I lost 4 pounds!! And a special thank you to everybody who was impressed by my calorie burn yesterday :) You really motivate me to do more.

So on that note I did go for my morning walk. It was so difficult though. I really didn't want to. (Not because of the weight loss) I couldn't sleep half the time I was in bed last night. I am a chronic insomniac. Not gonna bitch about it today though. I still got up on time. left the house 20 minutes late. Cos really didn't want to go. Even when I was at the place I kept thinking I can just quit. The whole time! I feel exhausted listening to myseld. I ended up holding on to everything I've got and finished my walk. 72 minutes. 61 mins @ target heart rate. Burned 716 calories! I am so glad I didn't give up. It doesn't happen to me that often. But I guess things are changing.

My legs  are also very very tired. The two workouts yesterday did the trick, which made it even more annoying to walk this morning. I'm not gonna pretend it was torture but it was very annoying. When I was able to drag myself out of the house I kinda hoped I would do another round of Last Chance Workout with my (one of) celebrity crush Jillian Michaels. I just don't think I have the strenght to pull that of today. Definitely tomorrow morning though before I meet my sexy lover. Yeah don't worry I do mean my boy friend. I don't employ any extra lovers on the side at this moment. May be my dog. But she doesn't count. She is not into commitment.

The kitchen is invaded by our cleaning lady and mom. They are cooking enough food for an army. Apparently mom's gonna be too busy over the weekend, so all the food should last till monday. If I can find a little break from them I'm going for those muffins today. I hope the recipe is perfect cos I'm not a magician in the kitchen. Will report to you. Have a great Friday everyone ☺


CJ said...

Hi there, Congrats on the awesome weight loss! Thanks for leaving behind a really motivating comment for me. i am having some trouble with eating, call it stress or what ever! But your comment really made me feel...well less guilty. :)
♥ CJ

anne h said...

And a lovely weekend to you, too!
Good job on the loss!

Steph said...

well done on the loss!!!!

thaks for your comment your right about the zigzag dress i really don't like it!!

good luck for getting that number switchd to a 1, it won't take long!!!

post some pictures of the muffins if you have a chance to make them and i wil sit and drool!!! :)

have a lovely weekend x