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April 19, 2010


I lost only 0.5 lbs this week. I'd have thought I'd be sad/upset about it but I'm not. That's half a pound I'm not taking back. I'm actually smiling writing this. I believe this is an improvement of my attitude towards myself. So I'll take my half a pound loss and own it. May be I should admit part of this new attitude comes from the fact that I feel like I lost more than that. My body feels even better. People also keep commenting I've a lot of energy, can't keep still. I'm just moving all the time. Sitting at my desk right now writing this, my legs are moving up and down like a maniac. I love it. 

Last week I did good. But I didn't do what I should have. Soon I'll be working on a job and won't have this much time (probably ever) again. I need to use it to it's full advantage. So I made a list. May be I should make a list every week. We'll see. But here it goes: ( Inspired by Dr. Mo, she is celebrating her Birthday Week ♥ )

1 Go to bed at 10pm - light out at 11pm
2 Get up @7am
3 Workout at least 60 minutes all 7 days
4 Walk the dog myself both mornings and nights
5 Cook one meal of the day myself
6 Have a new post at least 5 days out of 7
7 I reserve the right to add or remove to/from this list any time
during the week


kimbo said...

hey girl! well the way i see it a loss is a loss is a loss, so its good to be proud of that! im kind of at the same spot as you in that the scale is not moving that much but my body just feels so much better! and my clothes are fitting much better too, so lots of reasons to celebrate!

good job and keep it up!!

fatlittleblackdog said...

A loss is a loss! Maybe your body is playing a little catch up?

Anonymous said...

Good job on your loss. Every little bit will add up. Good luck with your list of goals too :)

skinnybiatch said...

you've lost 23.5lbs!!! you are freakin' fantastic :) keep up the good work, each loss each week adds to the main goal. you rock!

CJ said...

23 and a half pounds in 4 weeks is awesome. You are doing a good job!

Love the weekly goals list. I have tried it too and it really helps to put you in perspective and keeps you motivated. Good luck