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April 29, 2010

Feeling Better

Thank you everybody for your well wishes and supporting my no-scale decision! :) I'm feeling better but still a little tired. Finally slept better last night. Not exactly comatosed but a lot better! (It's nice to know there are people who understand what not-being-able-to-sleep for so long means. thnx ♥) I also had to get up early this morning cos our phone was out and I had to deal with the electirician. I went back to bed after he was gone but you know how it is, my whole system is already messed up, so I'm stuck with a monster headache. Still not complaining though. The idea of getting better and beginning to workout again (I'm hoping for saturday) is too exciting!

I've been eating and not counting anything. I noticed that although I'm eating whatever I want and much of it, I still try to make better decisions. For example I had a huge sandwich for dinner yesterday and I added bell peppers and green beans in it. My father also bought three different kinds of plums today. I noticed I didn't have any this year or last! I'm a little particular about my fruit and wasn't making it a priority before. But today I had a large bowl of plums and boy did I miss that taste! Plums are magical with low calories and sweet textures and I am gonna spend this summer soaking myself in plums. Especially loquats! When you get rid of the skin (I peel and eat the skin too by the way, I'm "weird" that way) loquats are divine!

My taste or understanding of taste is shifting I believe. I enjoy possibly twice as many veggies and fruits as I did before. I'm still finding new ways to enjoy my food but I do feel a lot better than the weight I already lost. I know for sure something is changing and it is for the better. I think my body asks for better quality and variety. The real sursprise is that I'm listening to it.

All joking aside I actually had pre-diabetes just a year ago. I did not try to lose weight although I wanted to at the time. But I did start to make better choices at least once a day. I'm serious it was just once a day and not even that sometimes. I started to get on the treadmill and walk with no schedule or planning. But I moved. After using the drugs my doctor prescribed for about 10 months or so I had a whole different problem and with my doctor we decided it might have been a side effect of those drugs I'd been using. So I decided to quit. I said "I do not care I will not live like this I'm not taking these pills you cannot make me." After 3 months or so the time for my check up with the diabetes doctor came and I had my tests done. Then I confessed I wasn't taking the pills anymore and you know what my doctor told me "You don't need to take anything anymore. Your blood sugar is excellent. Everything looks great." I think that was the point I decided to commit losing weight and getting healthy. It wasn't a rock-bottom experience, not a fight with my boyfriend, not the idea of being a fat-bride... no I found my motivation, the final push from getting better.


JourneyBeyondSurvival said...

River, you are amazing. Yes. You are.

Yes, you are. If I have to repeat it to get through your head, I will. You're amazing. Thanks for sharing this. It sounds so self aware and long lasting for you to do this out of just trying to be healthier.

Congrats. You've done well.

Steph said...

I'm glad to see you are feeling better, and enjoying fruit, i love plums never heard of anyone peeling them but who cares how you eat them anyway!!!

its great you don't need any medication, it can be amazing how small changes can add up to big over all things.

good luck xx

Drazil said...

I puffy heart you - and your determination and your spirit. Hang in there - you got this - for realz. Smooches.

MB said...

Fruit tastes so much sweeter now that I don't have any HFCS running through my veins.

I'm craving plums now. Time to hit the farmer's market.

Take care of yourself and try to get some sleep.

Aylilth said...

Plums are great eah!!

Everytime I try and eat plums tho Mr.1 always is there stealing big bites off it. So I never get a whole plum to myself.

Glad things are on the up and up!!

Nona said...

Great post and very inspiring story about your brush with diabetes and your motivation to take better care of yourself!!!


Putz said...

your dad sounds great to bring you plums>>>listen to him also besides all of your friends who have yoour welfare at Heart